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  • CUSTOM DESIGNS: You don't need to be a skilled designer to discover and execute an heirloom carving only need to be willing and able to express your wishes to me.  Skilled at asking important questions and with an intuitive imagination, I am confident that we can design and deliver the heirloom your descendants will be fighting over!

  • PRICING:  Please contact me for questions regarding pricing for any project you might have an interest in pursuing or prices for any of the artwork shown on this website.  In general, each custom cane, staff, or stick will range in price from $800 to $1500 depending on the degree of difficulty. Payments are made by cash, check, credit card, money order, or cashier's check, and a deposit of 50% is required once a design has been approved.  The balance is due upon completion. Since each commissioned piece is one-of-a-kind, your project will require different designs, execution, and finishing techniques from any done so far and it is impossible to quote fair prices without discussion.

  • TIMINGIn general, each cane, stick, or staff requires 6 to 8 weeks for completion.  Because of this, I accept approximately 4 commissions per year.  The months of October, November, and December book quickly, so it is important to plan in advance for holiday gift-giving. 

  • ITEMS FOR SALE: Many of the pieces shown on this website are for sale and some are not.  However, anything can be reproduced or used as a model for your project. Please contact me if you see something you would like to purchase or model after.  

Janice G. Sloan

JgS Heirloom Carvings

240 Fawn Lane 

Spring Branch, Texas



(Please note: Due to a high volume of unsolicited marketing calls that cause unending interruptions, please leave a message on my voicemail if I am unable to answer your call.  I will return your call or text message within 24 hours.)

Hours: Weekdays 9 AM - 4 PM CDT






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