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A little bit about me

Hello!  I'm Janice and I live in Spring Branch, Texas with my husband, our dogs & cats, as well as the many birds, deer, & miscellaneous critters one would expect far north of the San Antonio city limits. 

After living in Houston for 20 years, moving to the Texas Hill Country in the late 1990's was literally a breath of fresh air! It didn't take long for me to retire from working real jobs and take up hobbies that had always interested me...primarily woodcarving.


As a member of the Texas Woodcarvers Guild and Alamo Area Woodcarvers Club, I have had the privilege of observing and learning from many, many truly talented artists. In fact, if you are in search of some woodcarving style or technique you do not find on my website or if you would like to see examples of other works, please check out the sites for those two organizations.  Although not every woodcarver affiliated with these groups will take on commissions and sell their work, there are many who do.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in some of the works shown on my website, as some of them are for sale and all of them can be used as models for your particular custom project.  In addition to carving, I also teach classes in cane carving and would enjoy collaborating in an effort to get a group together or for private lessons. Participants need not have carving experience to enroll in classes, but no participants under the age of 18 years, please.


For those of you who have worked with me on commission pieces or in classes sponsored through

the Woodcraft store in the past, I continue to operate JgS Heirloom Carvings as a division listed under my DBA, JGS Professional Services.




Woodcarving is a true passion for me and I enjoy carving whenever possible.  Because each project generally takes 6 to 8 weeks to design and complete, I only take 4 to 5 commissions for custom work per year.


With a background in training, teaching cane carving to beginners and intermediates is also a joy. Cane carving courses are generally held over 4 non-consecutive days and can be done with 1 to 10 participants. 


Gourd crafts are a natural progression from wood carving.  Each craft shares tools, materials and techniques.  In addition to gourd craft I also enjoy pine needle basketry.

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